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Tent palace has single-handedly steered itself to an unrivalled & undisputed position of a pace-setter in the tenting business arena. This has been achieved within a short span of time. It is due to our extensive long standing experience, tried and proven retention of high quality standards that our progress has been steadily increasing notably year after year. We are a trusted & reliable corporate name, associated for long with tents and tarpaulins because of the unmistakable cachet of elegance & excellence spoken of in all our finished products without mentioning the unmatched & well spoken of level of our customer handling skills.

All our staff are highly experienced well capable of efficient production without compromising on our set high standards of quality.

Tent Palace is committed to offering all its clients a state of the art customer service that match value.. We lead from the front in terms of providing tents and equipment for hire to individuals, diverse NGOs, corporate world and various organizations for assorted functions ranging from wedding receptions to corporate party events. We have built good reputation over the years in operation and our customers/clients are impressed with the kind of quality work that we offer.

The material we use includes U.V treated PVC material (ranging from 0.75mm in thickness), & fine & heavy canvas that we get within East Africa which are rated among the best material ever.